6 Best Roomba Models for Pet Hair Reviewed 2019

Getting a Roomba for pet hair can save you hours of clean up while keeping your home free from allergens and pet dander—but only if you choose the right one. Our experts pitted the top robotic vacuums against the hairiest floors to bring you the very best Roombas for pet hair on the market. 

When I got my first dog, I knew it was going to be a big responsibility. The walks in the rain, trips to the vet, plenty of poop scooping—I was ready for it all. But there was one thing I didn’t anticipate. There’s so much hair! I was cleaning constantly, but my friends and family were still complaining that my house (and my clothes) were coated in my dog’s excess fuzz.

As it turns out, getting rid of all that hair is important for more than cosmetic reasons (though you can consider yourself lucky if your friends confront you about your pet hair infestation—if they haven’t, they ARE talking about it behind your back!). Pets also shed dander along with their hair. This is basically dead skin flakes, and not only is it gross, but it can also cause allergies to flare up and is potentially dangerous to those with asthma.

Luckily, technology has an answer. Instead of spending an hour every day sweeping, vacuuming, and slowly descending into insanity (the hair never stops… it never stops…), a Roomba for pet hair can keep your home free of hair and dander without you having to lift a finger.

We had a few vacuum engineers take a look at the top Roombas on the market and test them on a variety of different hair-covered surfaces. After the robot vacuum wars concluded, only six models were still zooming about. This comparison table summarizes our experts’ findings. More detailed reviews and a complete FAQ on Roombas for pet owners can be found below.

The info in our detailed reviews comes from the reports of our vacuum engineers. They looked at each model inside and out and tested them individually on some of the hairiest floors we’ve ever seen. Next, we consulted some real customers to make sure the Roombas held up over time. Let’s take a look at ​some of the top Roombas that made the cut for pet hair.

1. iRobot Roomba 675


  • Affordable
  • ​Great on hard floors
  • ​Dual-brush system
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • ​Not ideal for thick carpeting
  • Dated navigation technology

One of the oldest Roomba models still available, the iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum is more of a classic than an outdated machine. It has all of the most important features needed to clean up that pet hair quickly and easily and boasts a price tag that’s around 70% lower than more recent models.

The 675 was one of the first models with WiFi connectivity, and this is what makes a modern Roomba worth buying. With WiFi, you can schedule and control your Roomba from anywhere on Earth using an app (you won’t BELIEVE how fun it is to vacuum your floor remotely while on your beach vacation in Cancun—just kidding).  

Other features include a dual-brush system that is especially good at grabbing deeply entrenched hair and pulling it free, edge and corner cleaning brushes, and Roomba’s Dirt Detect technology that lets it know when a dirty spot needs a bit more attention.

Sure, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of newer models such as automatic dirt disposal or individual room scheduling, but to be honest, these extras are more of a luxury than a necessity. Although we would have liked to see the virtual wall feature that allows you to program invisible walls that the Roomba can’t pass (this keeps it from bumping into things or falling down stairs), and the navigation system is a bit dated, making it tougher for it to vacuum a lot of rooms.

For the price, the iRobot 675 is a great buy. But, if you have a big house, extra thick carpeting, or any valuables you think Roomba might knock over, you’ll want to go with one of the next models.

2. iRobot Roomba 690


  • Affordable
  • ​​Dual-brush system
  • ​Virtual wall
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • ​Weak battery
  • Dated navigation ​system

The iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum is just a small step up from the iRobot 675. For the most part, it’s the same vacuum, but it has a few extra features thrown in that can make a big difference.

The biggest difference is that this model comes with the virtual wall feature that we really wanted in the 675. This allows you to create a virtual barrier that the Roomba will not pass. It’s a bit like an invisible fence. This is great if you have a shelf with valuables on it, a piece of furniture that Roomba gets stuck under, or a room that you don’t want to be vacuumed (the dog needs a sanctuary when Roomba is terrorizing the house!).

The 690 comes with all the great features of the 675 like WiFi connectivity, a dual-brush system, dirt detection and more. This updated model also boasts a bit more suction power than its predecessor, which helps if you have multiple pets or shaggy carpeting.

The only major let down with this model is the battery life. While the 675 zooms around for 90 minutes on a charge, the 690 struggles to reach the 60-minute mark. It also has similar navigation hiccups as the 675. If you have an apartment or a small home, these won’t likely be a problem.

When it comes to choosing a budget Roomba, both the 690 and 675 are great options, and they are both similarly priced. But if the virtual wall feature and a power boost are more important to you than battery life, the 690 is the pet hair Roomba for you. 

3. iRobot Roomba 890


  • Tangle-free dual-brush system
  • ​High-efficiency filter
  • ​5X suction power
  • ​Advanced dirt detect
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • ​​Weak battery
  • A bit loud

The flagship 800 series Roomba, the iRobot Roomba 890, is a significant improvement on the 600 series models. Some of Roomba’s advanced features are included in this model (the 600 series has no advanced features), though you can expect to pay a bit more.

The advanced features that make the 890 worth the extra money are the 5X suction power and advanced dirt detection. This combination of upgraded power and detection sensors means that this Roomba will be able to detect and clean better than you can with just your eyes and a standard vacuum. Our testers found that this vacuum picked up loads of pet hair even after they thought their carpets were clean.

The brush system is completely revamped as well. Rubber brushes pull up hair and debris without the use of bristles, so tangles are all but eliminated. And remember that pet dander we were talking about? The 890’s HEPA filter is a high-performing air filter that eliminates 99% of allergens, effectively filtering your air and bagging all the potential invaders within.

But is it worth the extra cash? In the opinion of our experts, the answer is yes. The 890 is still less than half the price of the most advanced Roombas for pet hair, but it comes with some powerful advanced features. The 890 is a perfect compromise between the bare-bones budget options and the state-of-the-art bank breakers.

4. iRobot Roomba 960


  • ​iAdapt 2.0 navigation
  • Recharge and resume function
  • ​Virtual wall Lighthouse upgrade
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Clean Map Reports


  • Some issues with long hair

The iRobot Roomba 960 Vacuum is the first vacuum on this list that starts pushing technology to the cutting edge. Along with all of the features of the 890, the 960 comes with some amazing navigation upgrades and is the first model to feature the recharge and resume function.

If you have a large home with many rooms, you shouldn’t consider anything less than the 960. The lesser models just don’t have the navigational intelligence to properly clean a large house. The iAdapt 2.0 navigation programming turns the Roomba into an actual artificial intelligence machine that learns as it vacuums. It constantly sends infrared signals out in all directions to detect walls, furniture, and other roadblocks. If it detects an object, it will go around it, and when that object is removed, it will return to vacuum the space.

Feel free to rearrange your room as the 960 goes, and don’t worry about people (and pets) walking through the house. This Roomba will still get the job done.

Speaking of getting the job done, older models don’t have the battery power to clean large homes, but thanks to its recharge and resume function, Roomba 960 will return to its dock when the battery is low and automatically start where it left off when charged again. The 960 has an average battery life of about 75 minutes, which is decent but not amazing.

We only had trouble when testing this model with long hair. For some reason, the hair gets caught on the edges of the rollers and can cause some clumping. This is annoying, but if you don’t have long-haired pets (hair longer than 4 inches), then you won’t have to worry.

5. iRobot Roomba 980


  • 10X suction power
  • Carpet boost feature
  • ​Long battery life
  • ​Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Clean Map Reports


  • ​Very expensive
  • Carpet boost is loud

The iRobot Roomba 980 might be similar in its numerical name to the 960, but don’t let that fool you. Both its features and its price go far beyond the other 900 series model on this list.

The real benefit of the 980 for pet owners is its 10X suction power. The extreme cleaning power of this Roomba makes the 600 series models on this list seem pretty measly. Made for deep cleaning and picking up the most entrenched and entangled pet hair, the 980 eliminates EVERYTHING in its path no matter what type of floor or carpeting it’s cleaning. And if it detects an especially difficult patch, it will kick things up a notch and go into “carpet boost” mode, which is guaranteed to get the job done (If not, it might mean you need to replace your carpet!).

The 980 comes with all the features of the previous 900 model AND has an extra-powerful battery that can run the Roomba for 120 minutes. This is great for those who don’t want to wait 6+ hours for their Roomba to get through just one cycle (the process of cleaning, charging, and resuming can take a while).

A quicker clean also makes skittish pets less anxious! These new advanced features are great for pet owners, but we wish this model didn’t come with such as extreme price hike. If you have a house with a lot of carpeting and pet traffic, the 980 would be a smart choice. Otherwise, the 960 or even the 890 would suffice.

6. iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550)


  • ​iAdapt 3.0 navigation
  • ​​50x more computing power than 900 series
  • ​​Self-emptying automatic disposal
  • Picks up pet hair with no tangles
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Clean Map Reports


  • ​Very expensive

Behold! The iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) robot vacuum is the Rolls Royce of Roombas (WARNING: your cat WILL be mistaken for a hip hop mogul while riding this thing). This model is the absolute top of the line, but be prepared to shell out some serious cash.

The i7+ is the ultimate in convenience and cleanliness. The stand-out feature is that you no longer need to empty the dust compartment. The vacuum returns to its docking station and empties itself into a compartment in the dock which only needs to be replaced once every month or so.

To make things easier, the i7+ has an even further developed navigation system that boasts some powerful computing and AI. This model is able to map out your house and remember each room. The user can then go onto the mobile app, label the rooms, and issue voice commands (with the help of a smart home device). For example, if the dogs drag a mess into the living room after a walk, simply tell the Roomba to clean the living room and it will know exactly where to go. How cool is that?

The i7+ comes with all of the features of the 900 series too, including a HEPA filter, 10X suction power, the recharge and resume function, upgraded virtual wall features and more.

But… the i7+ is really expensive. If you’re looking for a simple clean-up every now and again, it might not be worth the price. However, the computing power of the i7+ is approaching that of a smartphone, which means this model will feature software updates that prolong its life and continuously improve its functionality. As a result, it will likely last you longer than one of the other models, so in the long run, it’s not as costly as it seems.

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