5 Of The Best Vacuums For Stairs

Finding a suitable vacuum to tackle the unique issue of cleaning stairs can be a challenge. It is important to consider the following points. The surface, whether it is tiled, hardwood or carpeted stairs, number of stairs in the area that will be cleaned as well as how often it will be done. Some like to make vacuuming a constant part of their lives, with regular vacuuming a part of the normal clean up routine. Vacuum cleaners that are light, compact and easy to move with that have a long cord length or are cordless work best for use on stairs

​For pet owners, pet hair and stairs can present a special challenge. Hair from pets is tracked throughout the house and gathers on stairways where it can pack together and collect in the crevices of the stairs. This can soon start to look horribly messy but it is difficult to vacuum stairs and edges if you lack the proper equipment. The challenge is to find a vacuum cleaner that is suitable for stairs yet powerful enough to take care of the dust and pet hair. It can be difficult to navigate the challenge of comparing several products, so we have reviewed five of the top models that are easily the best vacuum cleaners for doing stairs.

1. Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292)

While the presence of a cord on the Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292) might signify restricted movement to some homeowners, particularly those looking for the best handheld stair vacuum, the small size, portable design and numerous attachments mean that this machine is actually quite versatile.

Users can easily transport it from stair to stair due to its lightweight body but there is also the TruePet motorized brush for extracting built-up pet hair from carpets and upholstery and the extended reach hose for cleaning out the tougher to reach crevices. 

​As this is a Rocket, there is also a sense of power to the machine with its 400W motor and promise to never lose suction. Suction and power does equate to noise and times but this is seen as a small flaw that is worthwhile for the high quality results seen on some really tough cleaning jobs. It packs a punch for a little handheld stair vacuum.

2. HoLife Handheld Vacuum 6KPA

​This unit is perfect for those quick pet hair clean up jobs. Whether you have one pet or more, pet hair can take over a home in not too much time and a small hand held vacuum makes it simple to clean up pet hair messes.

It is often a challenge to clean carpeted stairs, but a small hand held vacuum like the cordless HoLife takes the challenge out of this type of cleaning. The challenge of stairs and edges is removed with this handheld unit because it is light and easy to carry.

Another advantage of this unit that makes it one of the best stair vacuums is that the user is not restricted by a cord. The entire unit has a separate charger and is plugged in when it is not in use. A single charge is enough to get the normal volume of cleaning done. The interchangeable tools make any job easy to complete and they include the powerhead brushroll, the pet upholstery tool and the deluxe dusting brush. The powerhead brushroll ejects for easy cleaning and then reattaches to help you get the job done in no time at all.

3. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away has powerful cyclonic technology which is very effective vacuum with powerful suction. This bagless upright vacuum lifts dirt from carpet and smooth surfaces with equal power. Dirt and pet hair are no match for the strong suction power and this vacuum does not lose suction over time.

The portable lift away canister is light weight and easy to carry, making the cleaning of stairs a snap. The Shark Navigator has a powerful HEPA filter that works to remove allergens from the air and keep them contained in the canister of the vacuum.

A series of completely useful pet tools are on board the machine and can be used for any area that has pet hair and presents a cleaning challenge. These tools include the large turbo pet power brush, 8’ and 24’ crevice tools, a hard floor dust away attachment, and a dusting brush. It is simple to do regular vacuuming tasks and then lift away the canister to turn the unit into a handheld stair vacuum. The job of vacuuming will become fun once again with this machine that makes work fun again.

4. Homasy Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld stair vacuum cleaners don’t tend to come more streamlined and futuristic in style than the Homsay Vac, a machine with an interesting look, impressive specification and a high satisfaction rating with its buyers. There are lot of pictures of this miniaturized machine being used in cars and tight spaces, highlighting the potential of the different heads like the brush tool for pet hair on carpeted stairs. 

​The size should have its disadvantages in terms of capacity and capability – and some do say that the mouth could be bigger – but this bagless vacuum comes with 2 filters in addition to the 3 attachment tools and the light weight of less than 4lbs is a big bonus.

It may be small but it promises a lot power with its fade-free lithium life battery and really does have the desired suction to grab hold of hair and other dirt and give a great clean whenever it is required.

5. Eureka EasyCleanCorded Handheld Vacuum 71B

A great little handheld to own. The Eureka EasyClean is a powerful little vacuum that can easily take care of your stairs, furniture and other nooks and crannies. Will easily get the dust, cat and dog hair off your stairs and furniture. Once done cleaning, the canister can be easily emptied.

With vacuums having short cords you will come across the situation where to do the stairway, first you need to plug it on the ground floor to do the bottom part of the steps and then take it upstairs and plug it there to vacuum the upper part of the stairway.

With the 25 foot long cord length your get with the Eureka EasyClean, the plugging and replugging will not be a problem. It also has the brush roll on/off option for use on the appropriate surfaces. Can hold quite a lot of pet hair and dust in its bagless bin. Its best to clean the filter with a brush when you empty the bin for optimal performance. A little on the heavier side if you plan to use it for longer cleaning periods.

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